Saturday, April 2, 2011



CHAHAN MINASSIAN or a perfectly harmonious union of ultimate comfort and timeless luxury.

HIS DEFINITION : “I am above all an eye.”


HIS STYLE : warm, voluptuous opulence in a restrained palette of colours ranging from beige, creams to aubergine and a touch of blue.

An appreciation of detail that lends his decors their signature  “couture” effect.

Paris appartment

CHAHAN MINASSIAN, born in 1961, is one of Paris’s top interior designers, antique dealer, gallery director and designer himself. He remained Creative Director for all Europe’s RALPH LAUREN stores for 7 years.

Bronze daybeds, armchairs covered with python,coffee tables in parchment, screens and curtains in eel-skin, he also favours galuchat , lacquer, tortoiseshell and stone.


HIS PROJECTS : an apartment Quai Voltaire in Paris in a palette of bleuish greys, a house in Geneva in pearl and charcoal,a project in Los Angeles in platinum, cream and light gray.


11 rue de Lille

Paris 75007

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