Saturday, April 30, 2011



Want to reside in the heart of historic Saint Germain des Près, wake up to the trills of the birds and at the same time enjoy the luxurious comfort of a very trendy hotel ?

ESPRIT SAINT GERMAIN will seduce you in a second !

Your own haven on the roof tops with Saint Sulpice in the background.



A prestige bedroom at the ESPRIT SAINT GERMAIN HOTEL

“ Your home away from home “ is the welcome motto of this charming and contemporary little nook .


28 bedrooms and suites ( old beams ; hope you’re not too tall ; those ceilings are not meant for the Schwarzeneger type, nor dwarfs, don’t worry ! ). This place is meant to be like a private residence : thus their motto.


You’re at walking distance from all the nice shops, and you won’t even need a chauffeur ; you’ll be close enough to bring back a few bags and head for a  rest or have a glass of champagne in between to give yourself some impetus to go on, the afternoons and evenings are long at this time of year !

You’ll be close enough to the Luxembourg garden … for a kiss next to the so romantic fountain and close to  the Luxembourg museum whose choice of exhibits is always first class; that’s after the kiss ! Both are not to be missed !



22 rue Saint Sulpice

75006 Paris

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