Monday, April 25, 2011




Bored to death with your usual regular dinner parties ?

Any wished to impress ?


Make the sky YOUR limit with DINNER IN THE SKY !


The London Eye is not fun enough , here is a solution to your existential dilemna :


Israël - Jaffa

Jaffa from the skies. Let your vertigo on the pavement; and a sip of champagne might make you forget you’re 500 meters above ground


Israël - Jaffa

See that small basket hanging from the huge crane: that’s you and your next dinner , Sweety Pie !!

Not only is The sky the limit but the World is the limit !

Cocktail over Copacabana in Rio, Lunch over the Grand Canyon,sunset over Paris.. you name it.  


Romantic or Frantic ? Comfortable or Crazy ?

I’ll let you be the judge !

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