Friday, April 22, 2011


- Waking up at dawn to the singing twits of birds and trying to find out what can they be talking about .

- Sweeping out of your home a little earlier to enjoy a real French breakfast all on your own : out-of-the-oven golden baguette with sweet butter d'Echiré and a large café-crème, comfortably seated  on a terrace right across from the Eiffel Tower (Trocadéro for the ones who might really go on my special delightful plan ! ) and listening to the morning sounds of the bustling city. Forgot to add that the weather is in Summer gear.


- Heading to the nearest  park and and having a go at sniffing  each flower : taking in all the fragrances; better than a jaunt at Sephora !

from Iheartit

- Spending time doing what makes you happy, whatever it is.


- Planning for what you want to happen : today, tomorrow and in the future.

- Trying something new every day; like walking to your office via a new route.

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