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Fascinating, magical, unprecedented site where a whole universe of bugs, butterflies, ducks, snakes, spiders, foxes, jaguars, polar bears, austriches, hyppopotamus gather together in an unusual conversation piece under the old beams of this 1831 hotel particulier.

In another words, the supermarket for stuffed animals. Better than a zoo, a far cry from a natural history museum.


Taxidermy was at first meant to be didactic, but then hunters started to have their own trophees stuffed, so DEYROLLES found a new activity .

Rent a zebra for the evening and set it on the landing of your building, you’re sure to have success !




This stunning Lion is part of William Curtis Wolf`s photographs taken at Deyrolle in Paris. Deyrolle is the Oldest Existing Taxidermy Business in Europe and is housed in a fine 17th century Hôtel Particulier. William Curtis Wolf was allowed to move the larger specimens about as he wished to compose his photographs and made four visits there in July 2005 to make images.

A week after he left, the entire second floor was remodeled.

But then worse occurred on February 1, 2008, Deyrolle was ravaged by fire and the animals shown in his photographs as well as most of its decor were destroyed.


46 rue du Bac

75006 PARIS

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