Monday, May 30, 2011




A glamourous paw or … a feline hand ?


A sad eye or … a squaw black hat ?


A large black splash or … a lean and long naked man ?


An artistical question mark or … a whirl of a dancing lady ?

René Gruau (4 February 1909 - 31 March 2004)  was a renowned fashion illustrator? becoming the favorite artist of the  Haute Coutureworld : Dior, l’Officiel and many others. His  exaggerated portrayal of fashion design through painting has had a lasting effect on the fashion industry . 

He was recognized one of the best for ads on all kinds of themes : Dior perfumes, Rouge Baiser lipstick, gloves, Eminence men’s underwear.

Born Renato Zavagli Ricciardelli in Rimini, Italy, on Feb. 4, 1909, Gruau was the son of an Italian count but instead of following in his father's footsteps and accepting the job of royal military commander his passion and inclination for arts led him to a love and pursuance of fine arts.

When René's mother, Maria Gruau, a French aristocrat, and his father separated when he was three, he moved to Paris with her. Gruau then took his mother's last name, which is the name he is known by, opposed to his father's last name and royal connection.

Such elegance in his drawings, now, one knows where it comes from. Aristocracy !!


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