Saturday, May 14, 2011


" LA NUIT DES MUSEES" : Saturday, May 14th, 2011.

Flash light in hand, a good pair of sneakers instead of your Cesare Piacciotti, and you're ready for a splendid night out in Paris's museums.

PARIS 1er :

- Les Arts décoratifs : With "Animal" and Ralph Lauren's super collection of fast cars with a Saint Marco coffee offered to be able to stand until midnight.
6pm till midnight.

- Musée du Louvre : With "CASSETTE MEMORIES" by the musician Aki ONDA in the Cour Carrée du Louvre : 20 years of everyday's sounds .
8.30pm till 11.30

- Musée de l’Orangerie : With MONET and his "Variations des Nymphéas". Let yourself immerse into his colourful and romantic world.
From 7pm till 1am

A dash to PARIS 4th arrondissement

- Cryptes archéologiques du Musée Notre-Dame / Annexe du Musée Carnavalet
In front of  Notre - Dame, a sensorial imitation of getting inside Paris's bowels ..... 100 % unusual, that is the least one can say !
From 7pm till midnight.

Not too far away, a walk to 
PARIS 5th arrondissement

- Institut du Monde Arabe : With a frescoe of the world, from yesterday to today's and a view on the new MOBILE ART by Zaha HADID.
From 6pm to midnight.

Ready for PARIS 7éme ? With the hope of a starry night . Why ?
Here is why :

- Musée Rodin : with / Mathias Poledna : Version

From sunset ( 7pm) till 1am ,the film "Version" from Mathias POLEDNA will be shown on a giant screen . You will be armed with a flashlight and will venture through the exhibit " L'Invention de l'Oeuvre, Rodin and the Ambassadors" as well as Urs Fischer's monumental works.

- Musée de l’Armée : With an astonishing concert by "L'Echelle" in the cathedral Saint-Louis des Invalides.
The entire museum will remain open as well as the exhibit "Sous l'égide de Mars, Armures des Princes d'Europe".
From 8pm till 1am.

Pont Alexandre III across the Seine river and you will be in PARIS 8éme for

- Palais de la découverte : For a Scientific Night
" The survivors of the Extreme" as well as " Energy Island" : an electrical experience !
From 7pm till 12.30am

PARIS 9e arrondissement

- La Pinacothèque : A premiere for this museum.
From 6pm till midnight.

PARIS 11th arrondissement
- Musée Carnavalet: With a varied selection of concerts from XVIth and XVII th century music to contemporary world music played in the gardens of the musée.
From 7pm till midnight.

- Musée des Arts et Métiers : With a spatial walk through the interpretations of the universe. Be ready to be defied !
From 6.30 till 11pm.

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