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MONUMENTA, now in its 4th edition is always a very much awaited-for event.

In 2007, Anselm KIEFFER was the 1st artist to challenge such a space, then came Richard SERRA in 2008 and finaly Christian BOLTANSKI in 2010. All with the mission to create a work of art precious enough but understandable by all publics.

MONUMENTA : 4 strong and striking syllables as powerful and grand as the Nef of the GRAND PALAIS where the mystery takes place.

Because it actually is a mystery :

once a year, a major artist receives an invitation to defy the Nef of the GRAND PALAIS with a new and inedited work of art. So, imagine the challenge ! A smallish 13 500 square meters of space  and a mere 35 meters hight to work with and a whole City to defy : Paris !


I am sorry not to be able to publish more pictures of “LEVIATHAN” but it would reveal too much of this unprecedented experience.

So, a few pictures of his work worldwide.

Anish KAPOOR is our man  this year , and what a man ! What an artist !

Trying to sneak in ?


Inside the “Cloud” .

“Feel dizzy ?”

“ You drank too much, once again !”



“Feeling fat ? Difformed even ? ”

“ You stufed yourself , you swine ! ”


I’m afraid it is slightly more complex than that, as a matter of fact, it is convex :

a large, convex piece of highly polished stainless steel, roughly in the shape of a contact lens. Wough ! How reassuring  is the “SKY MIRROR”.

Well, in “LEVIATHAN” MONUMENTA’s event, Anish KAPOOR describes his work as : “ One object, one shape, one colour.”

In his own words, “ My ambition is to create a space within a space as an answer to the hight and light of the Nef. Visitors will be invited to enter the work, to immerse themselves in colour in a poetic experience. “

A totally philosophical and emotional experience via a physical experience.

NOT TO BE MISSED or …. you’re fired .

Till June 23rd, 2011 at the GRAND PALAIS.

Opened Monday and Wednesday from 10 am to 7pm and from 10am to midnight from Thursday to Sunday.


More details and tickets online on

Enjoy !

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