Sunday, May 1, 2011



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Dear smiling lady, I believe your name is Mary.

I personnally have  never seen such a witty, loving, feminine, and joyfull smile.

I have discovered yesterday where you live. In the old church of Saint Germain des Près, yes, that’s it, right across from Les Deux Magots and the Louis Vuitton store.

How can anyone smile at a face which doesn’t exist ? And Smiling Mary, you have  been smiling to your darling baby since the Middle Ages. You had disappeared for ages and it is only not long ago that workers found you  while digging the ground to build a parking lot.

Isn’t it incredible that from only 3 blocks of stone, such tenderness could perspire. With a supple gesture you smile to a block of chalk who has not been able to offer you His smile.  But to you, in His abscence, He is still there. We can almost hear your whisper “I love You” .

What an enchantment !

(You can go and say “Hello” to Smiling Mary any time in the church. She’s at the back of the church.)

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