Sunday, June 26, 2011



Now that William and Kate have put NORTH ISLAND on the map, let’s have an insider’s look.

Hard to get to ? No runway for your own private A380 ? Honey, take the helicopter and no fuss please. Say “Thank You” : it costs an arm : the figures on your Amex ? : 14 950 €. Get it Hon ?

Time to land


Time to ponder



Time to talk

Does that kind of “blue” suit you ? The pool has been constructed so as to respect the rocks and trees around, to fit in perfectly in the scenery. So do you ( fit in the scenery).

Time to reflect

Early morning sunshine, a 675 pages book in hand, a little intellect will not hurt.

North Island privacy.

Time to relax

Chardonnay on the rocks ?


Time to relish


Exquisite and original food in the middle of the jungle .


Time to spa

Massage and aromatics , thanks to Dr Hauschka.


Time to …

No comment …


Time to romance

North-island Sunset, candlelight and the Love of your life.


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