Friday, June 17, 2011



Forgot ?

Hey you damn piece of s… ! How can you possibly “simply” forget ?

Make amends and quick !

A few ideas :

- A stay at AMANGIRI ( I’m still fully in love with their concept of luxury and zen attitude with the worst price tag on earth ! Part of the pleasure !!!! No need to tell my banker hates me )

Let’s go back to AMANGIRI : no less than “peaceful mountain” in sanskrit : there you go for some peace, well, luxurious peace, that is to say !

CANYON POINT, lost in between Arizona and Utah, in one of the only hotels totally immersed into the landscape. Judge by yourself, if you don’t believe me, you fool !



So, what do you say to that ? Will Monsieur like it ?


“Eco Monsieur” will certainly echo the fact that the pool is built around a rock : eco or just impossible to move the bloody rock ?

Well, judging from the room rate,  its pure '”eco” !


Now that you have dipped into your own candle lit pool and plunged head first at 6 am in the rock pool, let’s have a go at the hotel rooms :


If you’re bored to death there is always the mountain to look at . Hoping an indian might pop up and add some spice in your life ? !!!!


Told you you were in the middle of nowhere ! Even in helicopter no one will be able to find you !


You stand a chance by night as small flickering lights might be seen from Mars !


Isn’t that special ? I love it !

Enjoying a good magazine with a Campari , fire blazing, a warm throw on your shoulders, Darling Buddy across from you : impossible NOT to be in love ….again !!!



1 Kayenta Road
Canyon Point
Utah. 84741-285
T: +01 435 675 3999


Hard to find any better after that for “FATHER”S DAY “

- A “ smart box” with an offer to taste all the wines of the South American peninsula : that means another full fifty years with your buddy … maybe not what you want ! That is … South America is actually a … CONTINENT !

let’s try something else and less involving ( year wise)

- A note tucked under his pillow with a little spray of your perfume as a reminder that it is YOU and not … someone else  :


Have the feeling somehow that it sounds like bad taste. Hum !

So, let’s try another one .


Running out of super great fantastic ideas so I’ll have a run tomorrow morning with more stupendous imagination and hopefully inspiration !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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