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Tuesday June 21st, 2011 - 25° celsius :THE HEAT IS UP !!!!

Music full blast for this 30th edition of La Fête de la Musique !

Hope you’re ready for some good rythm as there is no way your darling little ears will be able to avoid it except if you live below the surface of this earth in a cave of some sort ( poor you) ? Pick any kind of music : Pop, Rock, Folk, Funk, Ska, Jazz, Blues, Electronics, old French village songs ( ugh ! Spare me !), Balinese, Classical, , well, you name it or invent it and head for it !


The official web site

will give you all the information needed by arrondissement or by music style; but, the choice is far too large , so may I suggest a walking distance  itinerary so that you can drop your limousine somewhere and just walk in your Louboutin’s from one folk group to some jazzy joint with , of course, tapas and a nice drink here and there. A silk throw will cuddle you in the wee hours, be sure to bring one… or maybe you won’t even need it rubbing shoulders with the crowd !




The 6éme arrondissement is a good option for some rythm and blues after a long day’s work :

- Happy Hour Place Saint Michel with Jazzy KEIRA MOUNT KEIRA from 7pm to 11pm

- Double the Happy Hour ( a double shot has never hurt anyone !) at 122 boulevard Saint Germain with Pop, Rock and Folk THE SPADE till 9pm

- Appetizer at the MARCHE SAINT GERMAIN ( angle of rue Toustain and rue Félibien: where did they get such street names ?!) for Rock and Funk THE DUDES and NU BOP till midnight

- Main course at the CAFE DU METRO at 67 rue de Rennes for IT SAINT GERMAIN till 2am

- And desert wherever you like on the rue de Rennes as many bars will have a band playing or rue de Buci .


Enjoy your evening !

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