Sunday, June 12, 2011



MURIEL GRATEAU is definitely the queen of colour when it comes to table linen : a rainbow of all the colours existing on this planet.

The queen of fine dining too. Have a look at her collection.



Just have a try at counting them !

All kinds of atmospheres come to mind from a dark teal to a fresh peony pink.


Mother- of- pearl- like plates and you enter the zen world of a Japanese mystical garden.

A spoonful of Beluga would be irresistible in such a setting, wouldn’t it ?

Darling, make a reservation, quick !


Could almost look as if Anish Kapoor designed this fabulous set of plates ! No, Muriel GRATEAU is THE designer behind every model .

What would you imagine possible in such a display ? A scallop carpaccio with a few pearls of pink pepper, a thin slice of black truffle to add a little zest of elegance.

Miroirs de Sorcières collection

I’ll go for that.


37 rue de Beaune


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