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Bernard VENET comes to rot at VERSAILLES ? No, Buddy, it’s .. an exhibit !

Louis XIV needed some more laurels, here they are .

“I found Versailles fascinating even before they started organizing contemporary art exhibitions. I made my own photomontages, overlaying my sculptures and the Chateau de Versailles backdrops, long before the Jeff Koons exhibition” says Venet, “Versailles, as I see it, is all about wide open spaces and perspectives that stretch as far as the eye can see. It is the perfect venue for my sculptures – and a real challenge to take on such a sublime, grandiose milieu.” states Bernar VENET.



Venet, 70 this year, has composed a sculpture of 2 rows of 8 steel arches 22 meters high, which are on the Palace d’Armes and not in the gardens because of their weight.

Bernar VENET’s work is a technical prowess done with the help of the very same ingeneers who built the Viaduc de Millau.

The sculptures are made of Corten steel with a reddish patina which takes on a beautiful tint at sunset.

Not so easy to plan such an exhibit when 2 movie shootings, both in costumes,  are due this Summer in the gardens; imagine seeing at some point those huge metallic bars.


After Jeff Koons and his lobster, Murakami and his manga and Veilhant and his purple dashing horses,Bernar VENET's work might look a bit rusty but God how dashing !



till November 1st,  2011




















Il a fallu jongler avec diverses contraintes: le flux des visiteurs, mais aussi le tournage de deux films en costume prévus cet été. "Les oeuvres de Bernar Venet ne devaient pas apparaître de façon incongrue dans les plans de tournage

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