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After the dashing ROYAL MONCEAU with Philippe STARCK’s genius and the SHANGRI-LA with its utter historical elegance mixed with the best of Asian elegance, international palaces strike again :

Never before has Paris welcomed such grand  COUTURE elegance with such a CONTEMPORARY and serene touch .

Art Deco details here and there, subtle palettes of colours in the lilacs, sand, taupe and aubergine hues, mesmerising materials such as a 12 tons marble bar all one piece at the BAR 8, as well as precious lacquers, rich silks,ample velvety heavy curtains, Lesage hand- embroideries,pure cristal and gold leaves make it all the HAUTE COUTURE of Paris Palaces.



The MANDARIN ORIENTAL PARIS has waited for the 30° of June 28th  to open up ! Was it really to test the green freshness of the garden imagined by Wilmotte & Associés ?

Or was it to crave for the opening of Sybille de Margerie’s 900m2 decorated spa  due in no time?



Quite a bunch of highly renowned architects and designers have had a hand at it : Jean Michel WILMOTTE, Patrick JOUIN and his associate Sanjit MANKU, and the utmost culinary designer and renowned chef Thierry MARX with his SUR MESURE restaurant  like an Haute Couture joint and the CAMELIA a more Prêt à Porter restaurant. Hey, wonderful discoveries for you, darling bunch of Ladies-who-Lunch !


BAR 8 and its marble bar : 12 tons all in one single piece of stone : a work of art.


I had this morning the best of welcome as I stepped in to have a look at Paris’s latest  “NEW” palace: instead of just a smiling “Welcome” I had the most impressive and out of this world visit of the entire hotel !

I do not know if I may write down his name, but I still would like to say Thank You !


The surreal creamy white haute couture vessel , ie SUR-MESURE RESTAURANT, Thierry MARX’s gourmet restaurant tempting your palate with 9 to 13 different dishes of his avant-garde cuisine which gave him his 2 Michelin stars. Anyway, who could resist Thierry MARX’s sparkling and vibrant blue eyes and the high personnality of that ex-UN soldier in Lebanon who started courageously working at … 13 ?

The walls of the SUR MESURE RESTAURANT are like layers of fabric like a Couture dress being sewn with pins and all until it becomes the most beautiful of garment right on the ceiling.

And wait for the surprise you’ll have when going to the ladies’s room. Can’t say more !


Thierry MARX

Sybille de Margerie’s high-ceiling  lobby right next to  intimate boudoir- like mini salons offering the best of comforts for your small business meetings, the garden patio with its zen black water pool making this place a haven in such a tumultuous rue Saint Honoré.

You are steps away from Place Vendôme and a few blocks from Place de la Concorde. Your Louboutins will make it pretty well for the best of shopping there is in this heavenly world. 

MANDARIN ORIENTAL PARIS offers you 138 rooms and suites at the casual price of 765 € per night.

Have a peak at the rooms :


Utter comfort with delicate feminine details, Art Deco cristal lamps, Lesage embroidered cushions on the bed, and, last but not least …

THE bathroom !

Don’t ever think for one minute  that you are to share your bathroom with your darling husband, oh, no, it’s far better than this, don’t forget, we are in the temple of Contemporary Luxury at its climax.  You’ll have your own side of the bathroom, with a whole army of highly unique toiletries from DYPTIQUE and all the paraphernalia a high maintenance true lady like you needs. MANDARIN ORIENTAL PARIS has read your mind and has thought about every  tiniest detail.

The rooms are simply  COUTURE. 



251 rue Saint – Honoré

75001 PARIS

or call +33 (0)1 70 98 73 33

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