Thursday, June 23, 2011



The answer is tucked between the walls of the CENTRE POMPIDOU seen by 50 artists, French and Indian who give us their very own answer on INDIA today.


As you climb towards the sky on the Centre Pompidou escalator, with the spectacular view on the roofs of old Paris, you are met with the deep- throat  sounds of Tibetan monks exiled in the North of India. The tone is set.

House of Love by Dayanita Singh. Beautiful black and white photographs by this 50 years old New Delhi artist illustrating one year in her life.

Reveal the Secrets that you Seek – 2011

Disney’s new haunted house ? Nope, kiddo.

Versailles seen through the eyes of Bharti Kher with a serie of old mirrors deliberately hammered down to broken glass covered up with bindis, those coloured spots one sees on the forehead of married Indian women.



Kitchen department new style at IKEA ? Hey, Buddy, a little culture ans sense, please, for God sake.

Ali Baba by sculptor Subodh Gupta : spectacular installation.

Kader Atia with a video of India today.



CENTRE POMPIDOU till September 19th, 2011.


Just as a reminder :

India is that :


New Delhi

INDIA is also :

A sprinkle of colour


A bit of a mess :

A boat station :


Cool and the gang

Cool attitude and day dreaming Indian style

Travelling in colour


India is huge smiles


India is dashing beauty

India and its flamboyant colours


Had not yet decided where to spend your next vacation ? Well, India would be rather tempting, wouldn’t it ?


Let me check for hotels next time around !

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