Saturday, July 2, 2011



Just imagine for one second that you can welcome all your friends for a cool and warm evening in your “own” loft right here in the middle of Paris a block away from the towering and impressive PANTHEON ?


Well, it damn well  exists. LE CINEMA DU PANTHEON. Decoration by Catherine DENEUVE, yes, you heard me, the real Catherine DENEUVE, and guess waht ? She’s a hell of a decorator !! Thought she had only talent in the movie field, well, she’s so much more, our Great Movie Star !



You step in a 200m2 loft which really feels like home. Scattered here and there large sofas with cushions of different sizes and dress, coffee tables covered with movie books, magazines. Vintage lamps and other paraphernalia make the perfect comfortable mix.

Salon du Panthéon
13, rue Victor Cousin
75005 Paris
T. : +33.(0)

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