Monday, August 29, 2011



Early September in Paris sounds like a turmoil of events; not only because you want to show off your Maldives tan, but there is a rush on all that looks or feels like a cultural or fun sting ( would your vacations have been boring, Darling ?!) :

Maison & Objet , Paris Design Week, Fashion Week with its VOGUE FASHION NIGHT in tow, and for the sports girl in you, running LA PARISIENNE.

Hard to get organised in such a month . I’ll let you deal with it !



Those armchairs remind me of gum little bears.


100 sites of Design, 1 week to see it all, 6 huge Paris arrondissements : get a good pair of walking shoes first. Then, we can start talking !

Check for more info.

The dates : September 12th till 18th. 

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