Wednesday, August 17, 2011



David LYNCH is opening a night club in Paris this September, named

 Club Silencio, after the mysterious location in his 2001 film, MULHOLLAND DRIVE.

Mulholland Drive


This exclusive club will feature a concert hall, a cinema, a library and a restaurant .

David Lynch aficionados will soon have a new temple to worship at.


David has designed the entire interior, including some striking pieces of furniture. A surreal wooden speaker stack seems to resemble a nightmarish appropriation of a child’s cuddly toy- the eyes being the two circular speaker cones.

He’s also designed several bespoke chairs and an asymmetrical double sofa, footstool and side-table combination.



Should I reveal as yet the address ?

Come on, let’s go for it !



142 rue Montmartre.

Nothing more for the moment . I’ll keep you posted . Opening due on August 27th …

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