Tuesday, August 16, 2011



First of all, I would highly recommend to have an annex so that your guests are totally free to snore, shoot themselves with booze all night without you knowing a thing about it, to make sure you stay friends another 15 years.



In your guest annex or den, you will have a full bedroom with a high comfortable thick mattress with a quilted mattress top which makes nights a pure moment of bliss, the bed should be made with the perfect Porthault percale sheets ( 4 pillows and 2 boudoirs are a must , comfort is at that cost. )

2 night tables , one on each side, obvious, you duck, with telephone, tissue box, note pad and pencil, an inspiring book or 2 , a wicker basket by the side with a few magazines (Town and Country, Architectural Digest ,Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Elle , and some country or hunting stuff and contemporary art ).

A soft and irresistible teddy bear


Oups, I didn’t mean those three wetties

But rather that cuddly style


or other bunny with long ears will be perfect if your guest is in strong want of a cuddle.  A warm colored cashmere throw will be loosely hanging on the armchair for Monsieur.

TV is straight across from your bed with a wicker basket full of DVD’s .


Good lighting is essential for praise reading before they tumble down into heavy breathing sleep ( the result of your super “fine dining” Sweety ) . Air conditionning is also a yes-yes , makes you feel in the best of hotels even if you end up pretty stiff with ice on the tip of your nose at 4 in the morning.

The super organised governess will have stowed away your guest clothes into the 2 opposite wardrobe closets , built-in drawers and rod with wooden hangers and of course, lit when opened so that you don’t have the feeling of entering a grotto when fetching a pair of pants.

Let’s go to the adjoining bathroom : unavoidable, useful, essential, to say the least.



Marble, grey and white preferably for the walls, an italian shower fully equipped with shampoo, conditionner, soaps, bath and shower gel. A himalaya  of terry towels , the most fluffy, the most plush towels that can be… Porthault, what else could it be ? In all sizes, no need to be more precise ; but well, I might as well :

washcloths, guest towels, hair towels, shower and bath sheets and of course, a bathrobe and … slippers ; remember, we talked about utter comfort, not rugged soles.


via Pinterest

To able your perfect lady guest to be to her utmost beauty, an array of amenities could make a world of wonders :

- cotton swabs to take a few years off her face,

- cotton q-tips

- make – up remover ( you don’t want to meet  a racoon the next morning )

- Clarins Tonic lotion – a sure awakener.

Polish remover is a good option too if you don’t want her to look like a grump ( word doesn’t exist, but I’m sure you get the look I’m suggesting !)

- body lotion could come in help of sudden alligator skin, under those Porthault soft as butter sheets, this would feel like total disaster ; better to be avoided.

- a hairdryer with 2 sizes of rounded brushes for a perfect set up of curls and frills. Are you a star or not ?


I think you’re all set to face the world.

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