Wednesday, September 21, 2011



Now that you have cleaned up your mess, on my strict and authoritative injonctions, if not orders ! ( see my latest post for my daunting tone !),  you can move into more space .

Elegant spaces, unusual spaces, dreamy spaces, lofty spaces, you name it.



Who needs more than a high-ceiling room, a black what-seems-like-a-door, and a flag of a drape, is that still called a curtain ? 



And HUGE windows… wonder who cleans them ? Obviously, I’m quite obssessed with cleaning this week !



Loft space



Is that a congregation of seating pieces ? Or is that a collection of some sort ? Or someone who has cleaned the Paris streets and fell upon all that trashy couches ?

I love them by the way !



Ouh , that’s about a 5 hour and a half of vacuum . Well, I agree, that’s not the point at all. Pretty awesome space , that is.




And for that one, I’m sure you need some rollers, or you’re dead. If you’ve kept a little clutter, you could hire some space there; I bet they’ll agree ! Try !




Tuscany and it’s classicism, statuesque elegance : no rugs, just the rough floor, bare windows, no unnecessary curtains, statues, with no unnecessary heads.



weird salon

All these guys really have a problem with “ where to place their sofas “ or seems like they haven’t realised there is a thousand square foot space to use up yet .

All pictures from PINTEREST

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