Wednesday, September 28, 2011



Don’t we all aspire to have the best of wardrobes, filled with the most beautiful and highest quality dresses, and don’t we all want to impress our darling friends with being THE different one, the one who has found THE secret address while our darling girls have only ventured as far as  Mango and Sandro with a sprinkle of Bel Air and Maje. So mean to say that… but so true ! N’est-ce-pas Ladies ?!

This pearl of luxurious day and night fashion wear is tucked in the heart of Saint Germain des Près, between Saint Sulpice and Odéon, on the lovely and dainty rue de Tournon.

Its name : JAYA CONCEPT.

Not just another Fashion boutique; SO MORE THAN THAT !

A luxurious couture concept created by the prolific Cambodian Designer Romida KETH,  well known already in the Far East and now in Paris thanks to Nanda DEVI-NORODOM, no other than King of Cambodia’s  NORODOM SIHANOUK’s  grand daughter herself.


JAYA CONCEPT  is a mix of royal fabrics with couture details, Feminity with Elegance, Colour with Sobriety, Sexy and Glamour.


Each jacket will give you that long and lean appearance as it is cut to perfection.


Day, cocktail  and evening dresses in an amazing palette of colours, rich and vibrant.

What is so special about JAYA CONCEPT is that you can do bespoke orders choosing your own silk colour out of a mesmerising palette of about 60 different colour swatches ! You want longer sleeves, JAYA CONCEPT will do it for you. You want more of a plunging neckline, they will do it for you. Anything is possible and in very little time.

And to add the perfect touch, the ultimate clucth, coordinated to your outfit.

Open it up and be flabbergasted by the detailing so “Couture”; you wish you could keep it open for every one to see the inside of your bag !




And behind JAYA CONCEPT lies a noble and beautiful story … I won’t say more , I’ll let you discover for yourself at : and even better at the Boutique where Nanda’s welcoming, discreet and helpful team will assist you in their very elegant manner.



The Jaya Concept Store is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11h to 19h.
4 Tournon street - 75006 Paris
Tel : 01 43 26 09 18 (from abroad +33 1 43 26 09 18)


fanlux said...

J'adore ! Plus de photos ??

fanlux said...

Worth a visit!!