Wednesday, September 28, 2011



September is always a month of adjustments,kids back to school, you back to your work mates,  but come October, it is the perfect month to get your agenda out while sipping a delightful cappucino with lots of heavy cream topping it ( don’t you dare !).

You agenda is opened on Wednesday September 28th, and a powerful wave of good resolutions swirls in.

Get your body back !!


If you need a little hand to tow you in , open your laptop and check “ healthy-perfection on the web for some sound advice, for some motivating photos; perfect at breakfast time so that you don’t engulp a full bowl of porridge with dewy honey melting the hill of butter you’ve sneaked on, as if we didn’t see you do it ! Ha !




There’s for personnal comfort. So wisely true. It sure is a strong and powerful feeling to be in control .




It all starts really with planning for good food first :

enjoy making a new list of healthy salads to concoct, pick ideas here and there, find all sorts of inviting recipes and images that will motivate you.


It is a pleasure to go to the market and already feel that you are doing yourself some good by just buying the bloddy slimming stuff !



Food shopping should stick to those healthy areas like the grocery store not the candy store, avoiding  the cheese department as well, and the croissants  counter, that horrid space on earth, you leave it for the fatties.

Breakfast could turn out to be as healthy as that bowl.


Fruits and berries



Lunch can be as tasty as this but let’s try to keep in mind that your plate should have a go at the following :




And Hapy Hour will resemble from now on as this sunny and colourful plate as below:




Where’s the daiquiri , Babe ?


By the end of the day, this very wednesday September 28th, always be specific; it helps, your motto will be as below :


And as always,


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