Sunday, October 30, 2011

CANDIDA HOFER : Not a Bloke in Sight; as Usual !


Wherever artist Candida HÖFER goes, not a soul in sight.

Either at the LOUVRE in 2006, at the OPERA DE PARIS in 2006, or in the GALERIE DES GLACES in Versailles, she managed to have it all for herself, the damn girl !


With Candida, one has the luxury to walk into those empty places when usually those are wormy with human beings.


Silent confrontation , a bit like when you take a shell to your ear and listen to that special murmur. It takes you in. Nobody knows where exactly, but somewhere of your own; it is your own thinking and your own feelings coming into the game. Noone to bother you.

Hell, no !


Metropolitan Opera in New York, 2005.


Detail and perspective : hard to get it all in the same photograph; well, Candida HÖFER does it.


Musée du Louvre


Ever seen it devoid of any soul ? Never had that luck; had to share the premises with about a thousand sheep like myself .


2006 Paleis voor Schone Kunsten I


It’s as much about Interior Design than Art. Or “ABSENT ARCHITECTURE” ?

For you to judge at the GALERIE YVON LAMBERT, one of the best on Paris scene.

108, rue Vieille du Temple

Paris – 75004


PS : If you feel too lonely, go and see my post on Andreas GURSKY for a little sheep herd of real people and stuff. Loads of it !!!!!

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