Friday, October 28, 2011





Pigeon coloured clouds with thunder hues are always a beauty when thick and dense, but to be honoust I prefer greys in the home.







greys from greige

Greys mix well with whites, silver, pinks, all the aqua spectre  of  blues, lilacs, purples and blacks.


grey pots greige

Greys can play “country” , or walk on its high heel ultra sophisticated look,  or subtle down to a very zen and contemporary cool attitude, like all Christian LIAIGRE’s furniture and Interior Decoration.



Grey can play the industrial part in an urban plan.



And for pure and daring style, you can’t go further than this.



And when baroque meets design, this is how it may look.

The subject of greys is illimited so I’ll take the permission to keep a few reflections for next time around. I’ll have to fix a GRAY drink for the occasion !

By the way, all pictures from outstanding and illimited PINTEREST.

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