Thursday, October 20, 2011

A GEM IN THE 16éme : “ FAN DU 16e “




Have you ever felt badly in need of all the in-the-know info of your own  arrondissement right there, in the palm of your hand, at all times ? Because you’re so hungry you could eat a camel and you really need a restaurant, FAST , or because suddenly you have to HAVE the address of  the best optician as you can hardly see the prices on the tags anymore  ( who cares about that, tell me ? The least of our problems !) ?


Well, now, lucky girls and boys of the 16 éme arrondissement, you have your own website and i-phone application :

and on your i-phone the free application  :



You will suddenly see your own 16 éme arrondissement differently, bathed in the beautiful sunlight of the pictures and to the sound of the music on your way to discover La Piscine Molitor, or the Pont de Bir-Hakeim with its romantic Ile aux Cygnes.

Detail of Piscine Molitor


You will set a different eye on all the golden fleshy ladies elegantly welcoming you on the Trocadero Piazza .

You will discover the charming VILLA PASSY Restaurant hidden away behind a gate at the far end of a village-like  impasse; you are not in Montmartre, but in the 16 éme, believe it or not. The courtyard is all paved, no cars, no pedestrians, just the hush of gentle and cool conversations ; I told you, “A” village !




“ The 16éme arrondissement like you’ve never seen it before, come and discover it once more ! ”

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