Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WHAT DO I REALLY WANT TO SHARE WITH YOU : SO MUCH ? Bloody Hell, Yes ! That’s exactly IT : TO SHARE.


Out of the blue : what is it that I really want to share with you, in other words, why this blog ? I guess every blogger wonders.

In fact, at one point or another, you have to slide down the mask and go uncovered.

You do have to reveal who you are or at least more about you, as you share so much on a blog.


So I might as well start now to unveil a bit more ! It’s 11pm, I’m in a warm and comfortable cottage in the Dordogne area in France, the clock is ticking the hours with calm, my glass is a third full with an old rhum from Martinique , special mention to RHUM CLEMENT, the best in this world, hard to get, but waow, sends you miles away … with taste !


I’m pretty sure there might be a mouse or 2 hanging around and ready to cause havoc as soon as we’ll get to our bedrooms, but for the moment, all is calm on that front. No wind in the trees tonight ( and believe me, the trees are so old and tall you freak out when the wind starts blowing and you crave to be back in your comfortable and secure building in Paris !), no storm ahead ( we’re middle of October so, you’re safe from that hell ), the fire is lightly shrieking from times to times depending on which timber it attacks, chestnut or oak , chestnut darts with dashes of sudden explosion when oak just dies of peaceful and elegant noiseless death.

So back to truth , so, back to ME !!!!


In my late forties, ( come on, stop playing the cougar, you see, it doesn’t bring any luck, see Demi with Ashton, sad as hell ) , living in one of the best cities in the world, need I say more or do I let you have a guess ?

Let’s face it , it can only be :

- Rio

- Paris

- London

- New York

- Grozny ( what a bad joke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Enjoying every minute of life, be it while heavely sweating when feeling obliged to go for some sports, ( told you, I’m in my late forties so can’t just sit there slouching , nor can you, Honey, whatever your age Babe !!!), or discovering with wide eyes full of admiration the new works at this years FIAC, or having my mouthful with scrumptious food at the latest restaurant in town, or setting my high heels through the door of a new boutique that I feel to be the only endeavourer to discover, a real digger of new trends !! Cut the bullshit, Fidji, you work full time, right now you’re spending your time  between London and Paris so how could you do it in the first place, so cut it out and be honest ! ( I hate talking to myself… sounds so silly )


So yes, true, I am actually navigating between London and Paris, but that’s even better to feel the joy of living in such a city as Paris,not that I don’t like London but it does put everything into perspective and one sees cities with their differences.  and it gives me the urge to share it with my fellow bloggers, followers and friends.


SHARING is in fact one of the best feelings on this earth, and there are so may ways to do it. Anonymous ways, one-to–one ways, one-to-many ways : YOUR way will always be the BEST.

Because to be YOU is the BEST.

But to be you means a lot and to me too !!!!!!!!!!!

So I do love to have a little bit of everything in life :


1/ Start the day early, with a mug of coffee on a small leather tray, slouching ( already ? , that’s early for that Hon ! Well, told you I was going to be truthful ! So, bear it )on my sofa  ( the best in town , honest to God !), opening up my laptop to discover the new posts my fellow bloggers from around the world have sent over those international waves, and ready to take in the new quotes Darling BITS OF TRUTH will deliver, take a few lessons from a Be Fit blog so that it might prevail me from sitting there until the last minute !

2/ Now that I have read all that “ Reason” , I have to flee my sofa, and get ready to do a few hand mills or a few squats so that I don’t look ridiculous and … and feel bad all day long because of what I write in the meantime on my blog “ Do that and that, and blablabla !)

3/ Going through a few fellow blogs  early morning every day is one of the best pleasures of daily life : it brings happiness, it is like talking to friends, taking care of friends. Getting in touch, no matter where you are or what you are. Marvelous feeling.

Precious feeling; not to be wasted, but to be highly cherished.

4/ Having a blog, means wanting to share, and the more you share, the more you want to share MORE !!!!!!!!!! Dah !!!!!!!!!!!! True !!

It just becomes impossible NOT TO share a new piece of information you find, or a fantastic picture your eyes come upon, a new pair of stilettos twinkling from the window at your purse, or  the latest exhibit which sends pure and strong emotions through your whole body and soul; how can you just keep it in ? Impossible ! 



Waow, I’ve never ever written something so serious, is that OK Doc ?

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