Thursday, October 27, 2011

What’s Up Larry ?


What ‘s up at the GAGOSIAN GALLERY PARIS  ?


Now that the FIAC has closed its doors, back to the Gallery.


- RAUSCHENBERG : paintings and sculpture from the man who used to say : “To paint, one can do with a pair of socks as well as with wood, nails , oil or fabric.” Well, if it’s as easy as that, I might be good at it myself.


Till November 12th, 2011.


- JOSEPH BEUYS : Performer, sculptor, painter, theorician,, Joseph BEUYS was a real star when alive, not only because he was a pilot for the Luftwaffe who made it through a plane crash by having his entire body covered with grease, lying under heavy felt blankets and being fed with honey by the Tatars who thus, saved his life.


Felt, grease and copper became one of his trademarks in his work. He then never went out without wearing a felt hat, like Andy WARHOL his blond mane.

Joseph BEUYS couldn’t help creating an “event” every time he stepped outside , a little exageration on my part, but that’s almost true ! See his performance “I like America and America likes me” : he spent 3 days living with a wild coyote under  his heavy felt blankets. Political gesture in favor of the Amerindians and against Vietnam.


- ANDREAS GURSKY : one of the “more-than-a-million dollar photographers , followed by Cindy SHERMAN and Richard PRINCE, ( in 2010, his “PYONGYANG IV” went for 1,8 million dollars, told you, guys.), German Andreas GURSKY  is  “the” photographer of our society with our consumerism tightly tied ; see his supermarkets, skyscrapers, Wall Streets and other Madonna’s concerts : humongous crowds so realistically depicted, well, let’s put it this way, his mega big canvases tend to make quite an impact too.

“ 99 cents “


See “ Ocean I-V ” in his Bigger than Life serie, you’ll quickly understand what I’m talking about.




4, rue de Ponthieu,

PARIS - 75008

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