Tuesday, November 1, 2011



This cottage on a lake bank does somewhat sound like  the perfect  haven for a delightful week-end.

Send an invitation to a single couple, 6 people would turn too much for such a poetic setting. I’m sure they’ll come over as quickly as a fox on a hunt.


A good book and you’re all set.



An opened door is always inviting and even more so with the old wooden tray set for  just  a few glasses, ready to be the recipient of an amber coloured vintage old Port.

I wish I had an invitation !


Prehistorical cook books by the window, held centuries ago by the hands of real cooking goddesses, the ones who wore a large linen apron and a wooden spoon in hand.



That’s a farm table. I would have opted for large and simple white candles set right on the table for a more rustic effect.


Time seems to have settled down on this lovely farm house, seen through the wonderful and charming blog



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