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Change the way you dress for the better with a stylist’s insider tips.

Aren’t we always on the look out for some tips and advice ?

Styling tips from Grace COBB, Creative Director of  WONDERLAND Magazine, shown here when she styled Julianne MOORE.



1/ Carefully observe people who you think look good. It usually means their style resonates with yours, look up at some friends of yours or celebrities or stylish people in blogs ; Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Inès de la Fressange, Olivia Palermo, Victoria Beckham, Charlotte Casiraghi, Alexa Chang, you name her . Lots of styles down the road, no need to go to Fashion Shows.

Kirsten DUNST styled by Heather Mary JACKSON , Fashion Editor to ELLE.

2/ Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Either by booking an appointment with a personal stylist in one of Paris’s department store or by daring to try on clothes you would not have picked an hour ago. See how it feels.

Natalie WANSBROUGH-JONES , Senior Fashion Editor at ELLE.


Styling by Natalie WANSBROUGH-JONES


3/ Keep updating your look. You might look stale otherwise. Browse through style blogs , through magazines with a focused eye. Take the time and enjoy it.

Leith CLARK, Editor –In – Chief of LULA Magazine, who regularly works with Keira Knightley, Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams.

4/ Always leave a little room in your suitcase when travelling: you have more time, your mind is more relaxed, and you will see things differently.


5/ Be aware of trends but not governed by them. We’re no sheep, aren’t we ?

6/ Good underwear is essential : it makes you feel secure, it makes you powerful and sexy : you’ve got your shape right .And who knows ? Le Prince Charmant …

7/ Another essential : a good statement pair of shoes : no matter what your body shape or how bad you feel , an interesting pâir of shoes will give you appeal.

Killer shoes will give you posture and confidence; they are so empowering.


8/ Re- watch your favorite films : “The Thomas Crown Affair” with René Russo , “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”,  “ The Devil Wears Prada”, “ Pretty Woman” and take some inspiration. Or cut out clippings in magazines to find your style icon and make an inspiration board out of it : it will be pleasant to look at and useful too.



9/ You don’t necessarily need to buy a truck of new clothes every season, Honey; the only thing you need to update your look is a new bag. This is something you will carry everywhere daily, so you need to be proud of it. A good bag will make you feel current and trendy; not stale as an old piece of Cheddar cheese left in the fridge.


10/ Be true to your size : no need to hold your breath for hours because you’ve sneaked into a size 2 instead of a size 12 ! No matter how  you squeeze, the rolls and bulges  will show anyway !!!!!Burp ! Just cut the label and you’ll soon forget about it all.


11/ When debating on buying an expensive item, try to visualize your existing wardrobe; never buy an item that you have to build an outfit around : then, it becomes way out too expensive Darling. Want to get in trouble with your banker ?


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