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As part of our essentials , it is about time to pay a tribute to such an accessory which gives us a hell of towering power, a few bruises and scrunchy toes after a 5 hour cocktail party.


Proper stilettos have been out of fashion for a decade.

Instead, high heels have been as pumped up as an SUV or a pair of Botoxed lips, with platform soles, rounded toes and misshapen, coned heels.

The kind of shoes you can do almost anything in--except walk.

So back to the what should never be forgotten :


“ Never, ever think you can get away with cheap shoes.

Cheap shoes look, well, cheap.”



Alexander Mc Queen

“If you can’t walk with stilettos, take a cab.”


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High heels change your posture, change the way you walk, change the way you feel.

You do not want a look that needs a facelift and a chihuahua to accessorise it.”

King Manolo BLAHNIK said so.

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“A pair of shoes can change your life. Just ask Cinderella.”


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Guo Pei



There is nothing sensible about a pair of Manolos, except their craftsmanship. Neither can I behave sensibly in their presence. Not long ago I went into the Manolo shop in London where, out of a tissue-lined box, slid temptation. From one angle shimmering like an iridescent kingfisher's wing, from another like the opalescent green of a mallard's neck, they were a pair of velvet stilettos beyond the fantasy of an Ottoman empress. Embroidered with Persian tulips in gold military thread, their heels descended in a gentle serpentine curve redolent of Mae West's lips. On enquiring their price, my knees gave way. (Stop. Draw breath. Be sensible. When will you wear them?) Then I heard an involuntary voice--it may have been the devil, but I like to think it was my soul--saying: "I'll take them. No, I'll wear them, thanks."

all those sensible words come from Catherine Saint German in INTELLIGENCE LIFE

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Julian Hakes

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