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Named the best-dressed woman in the world by Vanity Fair, Charlotte Gainsbourg has come a long way in accepting her image and getting over her insecurities.

The frail Gainsbourg at 36 is a fulfilled woman, yet eternally adolescent.


Shy, lovely, natural, sweet, gentle.


Charlotte Gainsbourg was born in London to Serge Gainsbourg (iconic French singer/songwriter) and Jane Birkin (iconic French actress/singer), talented and beautiful superstars.

Their reputation ( not soft, to say the least) put their daughter in the spotlight and she suffered from the teasing of her classmates. She preferred to keep to herself and became increasingly introverted.

At 12, she received her parents' permission to attend a Swiss boarding school. During this period she took her first steps in front of the camera in Eli Chouraqui's film Paroles et Musique .

Unperfect, complicated, doubtful.

At 14, she incarnated a young, introverted and anxious girl in Claude Miller's l'Effrontée  and the general public fell in love with her.

She was associated with her tortured character for a long time.

She received a César that she accepted with her hair tousled, her clothes mussed, and tears rolling down her cheeks in front of her father who was tearing up as well.

In 1986, she recorded "Lemon Incest" with her father and caused a scandal. Shortly afterward, she acted in a film that he wrote for her, entitled Charlotte Forever. An album by the same name followed on which her father wrote all the songs that she sang.


Wild mute child in the arms of her father, do I really need to name him ?!

All smiles, full happiness with her husband Yvan ATTAL.

Full bloom for Sweet Charlotte GAINSBOURG.


In 1988, Gainsbourg was nominated for another César for her role in Claude Miller's La petite voleuse (aka, The Little Thief). The general public was once again won over by the untamed charisma and exacerbated sensitivity of the young girl. Despite her experience in front of the camera, she did not recognize herself in her films. "I hated to see myself on the screen. I was full of insecurities." This almost unhealthy timidity did not hold her back, however.

Actress, singer, muse , model, performer, wife, mother, what else could you hope for ?



What made her uncomfortable was not acting itself, but being a celebrity.

In 1990, she was 19 when she made Aux yeux du monde  with Yvan Attal, a dark French actor with whom she fell quickly in love. Masculine beauty for her was born of a virility that had nothing to do with big muscles but more with a hidden violence; a diamond in the rough.



It was not until 1999 and La bûche, in which Gainsbourg interpretated a young single woman, confident and full of life that she finally changed her image and the public discovered her talent as an actress.

She received her second César.

This career move was accompanied by a public transformation: she asserted herself a bit more, was less absent from the media, and confirmed that she was a bonne vivante... Her timidity, expressed through her silence, became charming because she no longer submitted to it, but made it a part of her.


All those reasons to make of Our graceful  Charlotte the  Godmother to the dazzling Champs Elysées decorations.

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