Monday, December 12, 2011



Did I leave you any choice ? Well, no.

Of course.


This week :

1/ Kiwi and freshly squeezed orange juice for a quick vitamin C fix : energy and vivacity ensured.


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2/ A gentle serie of highly effective abs to set your inner engine into gear for a darting day :




3/ Book an appointment at RINO DI NICOLO , “The” hairdresser for a mega plump up for your mane, Darling. A mere 300 bucks. You’ll come out feeling like a princess.

7 rue de Ponthieu – 75008. PARIS

01 42 25 83 97

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4/ Have fun with olive oil : want to have soft baby skin in 20 minutes ?

Mix olive oil with one egg yolk and splatter it on your face, Yes, Beauty, that’s what I said, dab it on. Leave it for 20 minutes  and then rinse with warm water.

Tell me about it !


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5/ Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers you like best !


Picture_31.png hte d

Have a lovely Monday Beauties !

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Lady of the Woods said...

I'm ready for a beauty year! love this. Am going now to make my suntan oil, bronzes your skin and makes it like silk. love this post!