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Chiharu SHIOTA was born in Osaka, Japan in 1972 and belongs to a generation of young
artists who have gained international attention in recent years for body-related art.

“State of Being”

A piano and chairs, defined by a network made of black wool threads. the object, the piano
as once defined loses its meaning in order to represent something that cannot really be
represented: the memory of the sound in a silent room.


The artist weaves vast structures in black wool thread that imprison various evocative objects, such as musical instruments, dolls’ dresses, shoes and beds.

These objects are floating and liberated from their primary purpose, conjuring up poetic and moving images for the viewer. They call forth memories and emphasise absences.

“I feel there is something common between the silence of the burnt piano and the silence on my way home, and that this is deeply hidden in my heart,”

Chiharu Shiota

With Spider webs that have spread unchecked, the artist has carefully crossed and knotted her threads from floor
to ceiling and wall to wall by untiring manual labor. since then, the idea of the web of strands
is often present in her installations. the unusual feature here is that SHIOTA uses her own umbilical
cord to connect it by yarn to an installation of knots.

Didn’t know what to do with that whole truck load of frames ? Don’t even imagine stacking your lovely picture inthem : start acting lie a real artist for God’s sakes !

All kinds of frames will do and sorry Honey, a trip to IKEA won’t save you; too easy Buddy !

You know what ? those are no frames but 600 wooden chairs


“I make art because it gives me the feeling of being 100% at peace with myself."

"I dont know exactly where Im going but its probably anywhere where I have the feeling that it isnt here."

"When I dream that Im in Japan, then I have the feeling it is Japan. The dream is like reality, not like the man who turned into a butterfly in his dream, I feel the dream as reality. I cant distinguish between dream and reality. When I wake up, I have the feeling I'm still dreaming."

"But the silence remains.

The more I think about it,

the stronger it is.

The piano loses its sound;

the painter no longer paints;

the musician ceases to make music.

They lose their function,

but not their beauty--they become even more beautiful."



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