Friday, February 17, 2012



Although you will be seeing below all sorts of Ai WEIWEI’s kind of art works, the JEU DE PAUME focuses on his photographic work.

But so that you have an idea of the artist’s complete imagination !




In the early 1980s, Ai Weiwei (Beijing, 1957) chose New York as field of expression,   photographing on a daily basis the world around him. He continued this practice in Beijing, where he returned in 1993, showing the multiple aspects of the urban and social reality of China.

His photographs bear witness of lawless capitalism developing in his country and contradictions of modernity.

Both architect, sculptor, photographer, blogger and new media, Ai Weiwei, who quickly became one of the major artists of the independent art scene in China, produces a prolific, iconoclastic and provocative work.

















Ai WEIWEI : “ Entrelacs” at the JEU DE PAUME

from February 21st till April 29, 2012.

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