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German photographer Götz GOPPERT  works for clients in Germany and France and also spends a lot of time on personal projects.

A compulsive traveller, he explores the world at large and the world of those close to him with one aim in mind: to be caught unawares by beauty and the unusual.

What he brings back from his trips is “an account of what surrounds [him]“: a cabinet of day-to-day curiosities whose rough-and-ready appearance is compelling and which he captures in panoramic format: his “window with a view” is the only format able to render more or less faithfully what the human eye perceives. Göppert’s eye flinches from nothing, and gives everything a sense of poetry in suspended animation.





“The painter has his brush, the poet his pen, the photographer a simple little camera, but he can be both painter and poet”




He seizes the instant and transforms it with a click into a painting awash with poetry. We feel a sense of warmth, speed or peace.



The magic of his skies, the trees silhouetted against them like Calais lace. His colours seem somewhat unreal , even though  he doesn’t use filters: he shuns such artifice.

All that’s missing is Vivaldi to provide the music for these four wonderful seasons.”



till March 25th, 2012.


3-5 rue de Fourcy

75004- PARIS

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