Saturday, March 10, 2012


Save the dates :

- Till March 31st, 2012 : Lucien HERVE photographic work of LE CORBUSIER's architectural wonders at the Galerie Maubert.

Galerie Maubert
20 rue Saint-Gilles - 75003 - Paris

- Tomorrow's Design at VIA DESIGN 2012 till March 18th, 2012 : 16 prototypes of tables and benches, lightings, sofas and closets all done by the new generation of French Designers, in the project " Aides à a Création"
New fabrics, new techniques, new industrial processes.

 "Tournicoti Tournicota" lamp

A bench you can fold in one move "Judo" by Jean Couvreur, a sofa made out of pleats "Couette" by Caroline Ziegler & Pierre Brichet ...

A lamp mixing leds and leather. Would it be for Hermés ?

Exposition VIA DESIGN 2012

Galerie VIA
33 avenue Daumesnil
Paris 12ème

- From March 28th till April 1st, 2012 : Art Paris Art Fair at Le PAD  (Pavillon des Arts et du Design)


Le PAD - Jardin des Tuileries - 75001 - Paris

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