Sunday, March 11, 2012


Get a few ideas for your Summer home from this beautiful shelter in the Caribbean .

A little hard when your holiday home is in Brittany, however, I'm sure you can pick an idea or two.

Pick the deck and the pebbles, and the big pottery.

Easy-does-it benches with colourful cushions and the long narrow coffee table can be taken everywhere from Corsica to Normandy.

The "granit" furniture could actually be from Brittany's granite.  Can picture this kitchen on the Ile de Ré. Well, you'll have to cut out the bloody palm trees !!!!

This perfect nook for lunch can be reproduced about anywhere.

Mexico, Ibiza or Guatemala ? Wherever you want !

There, we're in trouble . No possibility whatsoever to picture this view in Brittany nor Cap Ferret. Sorry !

Well, you can have a go with this singular bench and the coral sculpture.

Villa Kas Dorrie

Want to rent it ? it's all yours . Call me !

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