Tuesday, April 3, 2012

“Metro”, “Subway”, “ Underground” …



As usual, sorry darling Followers, I cannot refrain from building my very own Art Paris Art Fair, just as I did for the FIAC or for Paris Photo. When you do not have the possibility of having your own gallery, you play Gagosian by making up a virtual one !

So, please, come in, walk on that red carpet spread just for you !


In French we say “ Les Coups de Coeur de la Rédaction” : a snobbish way of saying : “ Hey, you, brats, you don’t know about nothin, I’ll tell you all . anyway, you won’t understand a thin, but who cares ? “


So, very pretentiously … May I introduce you to a  few “ Coups de Coeur” from the most talented of blogs on this surface of the worldwide globe – come on Hon, you know what I mean , that round ball of earth we all live on, don’t know how they managed to make it THAT round, but Boy, the manager was good at it !” .


- ETHAN LEVITAS , who, obviously, must LIVE all day long in a subway, wherever it is and whatever the name. But …. at  Paris Art FAIR, he ventured into Geisha land, with success. That’s why you’ll see that angel face in the middle of unromantic metrocars.


There we are : 





“ This is just to say “ by Ethan  Levitas







The bloke was born in 1971 : a baby !!!!

I’m far too old to be able to cope with his too young biography, so I prefer you to go all alone in that too young land !!!




- And from Subway to Building, what better way to walk on in the city ?

This time with Michael WOLF and his transparent buildings..




And still more for chic city-rats : us ??????



Marina City in Chicago



- And from buildings we go to concrete; no windows, no doors with Patrick CORNILLET, another youngster, born in 1968 !


A master in strenght and poetry.



This one did the show at Art Paris Art Fair.




Ossature – 120 X 160. Oil on wood.




Bassin 4 – 115 X 190 – Oil on wood



- Let’s escape to land with Georg KUTTINGER and his horizontal horizons


Landscapes : remixed.



You can tell Blondy One that this Georgy has  studied architecture,right ? But what makes it so spacy, is that  Georg Küttinger makes use of his ability to create visionary new spaces by  photographing individual sections of a real landscape at different times and from different viewpoints and brings them together in a new context. Then, that’s when you’re lost !

Into that dreamland of nowhere.

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