Sunday, June 10, 2012



An escapade ? Just for the day.

Why ? Because it rimes with “discovery” , well, it doesn’t rime, but yes, you spend a whole day eyes wide out.

A bunch of friends and I decided to visit the CENTRE POMPIDOU in Metz, opened about 4 years ago. See how long it takes a Parisian to step forward and get the hell out of his own city to open up his curiosity towards another city !

The TGV glides through stunningly beautiful slopy countryside (don’t bother buying the whole magazine booth, you ‘ll be swallowed by the envy to look through the wide window pane at 200km/hour); an hour and a half later, you’re in Metz; 5 minutes later you step in the Centre Pompidou and head straight to the exhibits.





“ 1917” : the war, yes. Seen through the eyes of artists, be them soldiers themselves on the field and carving the bullets , or famous painters devastated by what was going on in Europe. A dense, varied, complete and one of a kind exhibit averyone should see. A look back at history, for a better future.


“Sol Lewitt” : flabergasting exhibit of  33 monumental wall drawings ! Each one is executed directly on the wall; under the written and certified  instructions of the late Sol Lewitt. An armada of 80 drafters, composed oftrained professionals from the LeWitt studio, young artists and students from the Lorraine region spent 2 months executing the selected works.




Wall Drawing #260 (1975).

The work's subtitle serves to describe the installation: "on black walls, all two-part combinations of white arcs from corners and sides, and white straight, not-straight, and broken lines." From there, the artist has to follow the instructions and figure it out.


LeWitt compared his role to that of a composer who creates a score that may be played by musicians for generations to come. The concept—or score—remains constant, but the wall drawing, like a musical performance, will vary slightly each time it is realized anew.


Closed on Tuesday.

Admission : 7€.

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