Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ca, C’est Paris !


sunday26th:<br /><br />Paris, j’adore &lt;3<br />

Overloaded with shopping bags, sky-scaped on 12 cm stilettos on the Pont Alexandre III.


So in love with Chanel that you asked your interior decorator Peter Marino to have your Carrare marble floor monogrammed with the iconic, glam, ritzy, sexy CC.


“I can resist everything, except temptation” . Oscar Wilde was damn right, just impossible to resist such gooy, crunchy, sugary, pinky stuff.

Ladurée should have been sued !



You’ll always have a far-flung lover who will still think old parchemin papaer will do the trick.


heartbeatoz:<br /><br />(via french essence)<br />

No Parisian lady  has escaped the daunting, hurtful, soar-feet ballet classes at Salle Pleyel under Nina Viroubova’ s mastering elegance and strictness, small feet crushed to pieces in the famous Repetto ballet pumps.

So much cries.

But now what? Allure… It was worth it !


vandavintage:<br /><br />I love Paris in the summer, when it sizzles. ~Cole Porter<br />


Admiring the view, on the Président Wilson avenue, a few steps away from a typical flight of Paris stairs.




No Parisian can do without a shell like Chanel nail lacquer.



Luxembourg Gardens Paris

Dozing hours at the Luxembourg, called Le Ludo, by the locals, reclined on one of the Fermob green chairs, a Sartre essay in your hands, trying for hours to understand at least one or 2 words.


sparklelovers:<br /><br />♥<br />


Angelina is still there, always will be, queuing up you will still be, hoping to get a table for a cement weighing chocolate dabbed with a white cloud of as light as a feather mountain of clotted cream.

Angelina should have been sued too.


Lapérouse you will dream to get in, cuddle up in one of their intimate private salons where you will be served typical Paris fare, with a dashing view on the Seine.

No divorce possible after an evening there.



That’s Style, we agree.


In case you were lost along the way, that’s the subject we’re on today.




Compulsory luggage. No other; don’t ever think of ushering such words as Tumi, or any other stuff of that source.




When you go shopping, you might spot that one.




Le Louvre, Pei’s pyramid, and the Café MARLY are all musts.




The Seine river banks are the perfect place to savour a white Chardonnay; preferably a Pouilly-Ladoucette.


fleaing france 2


Wish you were there, right?

I understand.

beth mongan





When done with having your tummy upside down on the Eiffel Tower, dart to the nearest Ladurée pastries.




And along the way, sniff those peonies; they bear a subtle fragrance.


inspired design


The Ile Saint Louis is one of the most charming walks one can have in Paris; hardly any car bustle and noise, a feeling of being in a small French village, with its narrow streets, with the green waters of the Seine river.



Call it home.



Impressive Grand Palais and its dome: exhibits, fashion shows, amusement park, jumping shows, you name it, it all stands here.



There again, the high heels!



face it


Crossing Place Vendôme with such an outfit won’t bother anyone.


jan 12


Happy Sunday !




Irresistible pain au chocolat.





Don’t leave Paris without that !!!!!!


Most of the pictures come from a great tumblr : FLEAING FRANCE.

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