Saturday, July 20, 2013

“MONSIEUR BLEU”: definitely the “IT” place in Paris

Set right on the Seine river banks, the Eiffel Tower hanging over you full lights out, you are in the most amazing space in Paris!

Joseph DIRAND, the “darling” architect of French luxury, made MONSIEUR BLEU into an impressive Shanghaï or New York XXL warehousy building: marble galore, rich mix of green velvets, cathedral tall gold leaf bar, hanging luminaries as big as a zeppelin and vintage furniture.  Amazing allure, sophistication and elegance!

The terrace with its chic white and black decor is so comfortable that you’ll spend hours contemplating the Eiffel Tower while chatting away till chilling night while the DJ will mix expressely for you.

Delicious fare: creamy burrata bouncing with tomatoes, crispy piglet were above expectations.

Live there!!! Lunch, happy hour, dinner, dancing, drinks….You name it.










Monsieur Bleu
20 avenue de New York
Paris 16
01 47 20 90 47

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