Sunday, February 23, 2014

PUCES DE SAINT OUEN: Mes Puces Chéries !

When in PARIS, it would be a shame and a waste not to spend a few hours at the PUCES DE SAINT OUEN.


- Because it is a mine of treasures.

- Because the look of the vendors is like reading a book on the human being.

- Because it is the latest place to SEE and BE SEEN. So please construct your look accordingly !

- Because MA COCOTTE, Starck’s latest hot restaurant is fun, especially on the top floor.

- Because it is the widest and most important Flea Market in the world.

- Because HABITAT opened a Vintage store with all its oldies, and L’ECLAIREUR presents an eclectic choice of items of high interest.


Paris  Les Puces de Saint ouen






Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, the worlds largest flea market, Paris, France




La première boutique vintage dédiée à l'achat et la revente des articles de la marque Habitat.


habitat vintage  Puces de Saint-Ouen


Puces de Saint-Ouen




Shopping the Paris Flea Markets: Les Puces de Saint-Ouen |



MA COCOTTE RESTAURANT: Philippe STARCK as good as usual ! Ask for a low table on the top floor: full sunshine brimming, great seating, and the terrasse to lounge on.

No reservation so come early or late.



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